4 Causes of Neck Pain

Your spine and neck are among the most important of the human body. These two parts of the body depend on the neck for proper support and function. This is why you need to diagnose and treat any neck pain as an emergency. Before you can start looking for a solution to the neck pain, you first need to understand the cause.

Radiating Neck Pain

If the pain feels like it radiates or spreading down into your arm, the cause might be a herniated cervical disk or a pinched nerve in the neck. Such pain is accompanied by tingling or numbness. These symptoms might come to you gradually or suddenly.

Treating this kind of pain depends upon the intensity and persistence of the pain, as well as the extent to which the spinal cord is affected. These symptoms are temporary and won’t require surgery. Visit Free Your Spine to find a good cervical pillow to handle the symptoms.

Neck Pain after an Activity

If the pain develops slowly over time, maybe over a few years or months, with the pain increasing after you perform certain activities, then the cause is spinal stenosis, otherwise known as impinged nerve.

The cause of this condition is due to weakening or aging of the joints of the neck bones. The pain is treatable.

Pain That Is On and Off

If you experience pain that fades away and then flares up without warning, you might be suffering from cervical disc degeneration. This is true if the pain increases when you perform certain exercises, or if it radiates to the arm as well. The pain is common in the older generation who are prone to cervical bone degeneration.

The pain might also be as a result of a traumatic event such as an accident or injury to the neck when you twist the neck while driving. The symptoms usually go away fast, but can be chromic if left unattended to.

Pain Before Sleeping or Waking Up

This is pain that comes when you want to sleep or when you wake up in the morning. There is no pain during the day. The pain goes away when he neck is active.

In Closing

Before you start looking for a solution to your nagging neck pain, you need to understand the causes of this pain. Once you know the cause, you can go ahead and treat the condition to prevent its progression.