5 Tips to Get the Best 48” Bathtub

The 48” corner bathtub is constructed for installation at the corner of the bathroom. It is referred to as the 48” tub because each of its sides is 48 inches long. The48” tub has bigger space that is fuller and deeper than ordinary tubs. Its larger depth allows for complete immersion during bathing and creates room for adding a whirlpool feature which cannot be installed in standard bathtubs due to space limitations.

When choosing the 48” bathtub from http://www.bathingguide.com/, there are several factors to consider before making the final purchase choice. Let us look at some of them.

1.    The Shape

Do you prefer a bathtub with a rounded, angled or hexagonal front? If you must know, the rounded and hexagonal front corner tubs take up more floor space than the angled one. If you want to save on space, then an angled or straight front tub may be the best choice for you. These two have a straight line from one corner to the other thus will allow you to save a considerable amount of space.

2.    The Design

The 48” corner bathtub comes in two designs – the recessed tub and the freestanding tub. The recessed corner bathtub sinks into space under the floor. However, most people do not like it because they do not have the kind of space required to sink the bathtub into. Before purchasing this type of bathtub, you must check your bathroom floor to ensure that enough space is enough for its installation. The freestanding corner bathtub is more common because it is installed on a platform that sits above the bathroom floor. You can enclose the tub in whichever way you like. You may also decide to coordinate it with an enclosure and the rest of the features within the bathroom.

3.    The Material Used to Make the Bathtub

Some common materials used to make the 48” corner bathtub are fibreglass, acrylic, Americast and cast iron. Some brands combine two or more materials. Each of these materials comes with special features and benefits. These are often included in the manufacturer’s description so be sure to check it out.

4.    The Number of Users

The 48”corner tub comes in single and double models. Each model has an option for an inbuilt seat, backrest, neck rest and headrest as well as a recliner lounge.

5.    The Color

You need to select a bathtub which matches the theme of your bathroom. You need to settle on the desired colors in advance, as this will help you determine which manufacturer to purchase the tub from.  Choosing one color narrows down your options in terms of the brand and availability.