Best Instagram Blogs on the Planet

The title is a little confusing. Are we talking about blogs about Instagram, eg WordPress sites that talk about Instagram or are we talking about actual blogging that takes place at Instagram itself? I haven’t really figured that out yet so let’s see where we are heading.

Let’s just start with some real blogs that mostly talk about Instagram:

  • Social Media Examiner
  • Iconosquare blog
  • Fred Harrington
  • Jumper Media
  • Instantboss Club
  • Jonathon Spire
  • Schedugram
  • Sprout Social

That should give you plenty of reading material to get started doesn’t it?

Now how about blogging at the Instagram platform itself. Is it even possible to blog there or not? Let’s see if we can find the answer to that in this post. On Twitter, there is a limit of 150 or 250 characters if I remember correctly so I looked it up for you and at Instagram you are limited to 2,200 characters max.

There is also a limit of hashtags, 30 in total which should be plenty for most regular users, I often completely forget to include any hashtags at all so I guess that says enough. I’m drifting off, 2200 characters are approximately 300 words.

So yes, it is definitely possible to blog on Instagram, perhaps we should call it a microblog instead.

But imagine this, normally when you write posts you break it up with subheadings right, well you can do exactly the same at Instagram by writing a 2000 words post and breaking it up into 8 or 10 parts, calling it a series and adding something like ‘part one’ in the title of the post.

This is an excellent way to get your followers to check back in on you and as such increase the engagement and interaction with your fans.

Most people haven’t really thought about that but I’m really onto something here.

Often when I scourge the web I run into 1000 words, 2000 words, heck even 5000 words articles and I bookmark it, only to forget about it the day after and by now my bookmark list contains over 200 items that I still plan to read someday, or do I?

Well actually most of those bookmarks are irrelevant by now or I already found the answer so maybe people should stop producing these long-form content pieces as no one ever reads it anyway.

Actually, I’m going to create an Instagram account right away and use my existing posts and republish it there, simply to see how much attention it gets and then I’ll have something new to write about the next time you visit this blog, so see you next time!