Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using Your Hair Dryer

Blow drying your hair is an art that has to be perfected with time. At first you will be vulnerable to make mistakes as you straighten your hair with the top rated blow dryers. This should not put you off in the quest to achieving the hair style of your choice. Keep on blow drying and you will eventually perfect your skills and become a expert. Professional hair stylists have compiled some of the common mistakes that people are likely to make when using their hair dryers. The first and most probably the commonest mistake is leaving out the styling lotion. Remember that blow drying your hair is an art into itself that requires the right brush, the right dryer and a horde of tips and tricks that should be mastered to the end. A styling lotion perfects the blowout. It is what makes your hair glow. Blow drying your hair without a styling lotion is like taking a cold cup of tea in a cold winter night. The styling lotion must be there. There are hundreds of blow drying lotions that you can try out. Coat every strand of hair with lotion before the actual blow dry.

Failing to use the correct hair brush is another common mistake you are likely to make when using a blow dryer. Brushes aid in straightening and polishing of hair strands. There are different types of hair brushes that produce distinct hair styles when used effectively. Find the brush that fits your style and use it throughout the drying process. Brushes that have a mix of nylon and boar bristles work very well for frizzy hair. Avoid metal brushes that heat up very fast and can burn your hair. You would not like to spoil your day by burning your precious hair strands with an ignorable metal brush. Wooden and strong plastic brushes are recommended for a good hair blowout. It is also important to point out that the brush shape also plays a key role in styling your hair. Rounded brushes are mostly used for rounded style ends as opposed to flat paddle ones that are used for straight and flat limp hairstyles.

Lastly, avoid blow drying your hair when it is super wet. Do not just get out of the shower and switch on your hair dryer for blow drying. Rub your hair with a dry cotton towel to get rid of a big percentage of the shower water. Special moisturizers that can get rid of up to 60% of moisture prior to using the blow dryer are now available. You can check out your local store or online shopping sites to find one that is compatible with your hair dryer. Remember that the main function of the hair dryers is to quicken the drying period. If you use these appliances with your hair super wet, the drying time will be long. Reduce the blow-drying period significantly by getting rid of the super wetness using a brush or towel. Remember to change the nozzle and diffusers to fit your style requirements before starting with the drying process. Most nozzles work well when the hair moisture is a bit low. Fix the most fitting nozzle for your hair type for the best blow drying results.