How to Improve your Instagram Engagement

With competition so rife in the modern day, every brand wants to boost its presence and engagement on Instagram. If you notice an upsurge in engagement levels on your competitor’s account whereas nothing changes on your side, you better think of introducing a new trick. Sadly, most users today have turned to Instagram bots in an effort to attain a huge following in an instant.

As such, they end up with a huge number of fake accounts that do little to boost the engagement on their accounts. As a matter of fact, from all the reviews I have checked at The Small Business Blog, including Boomul’s, there is not a single bot that is flawless. Therefore, you need to avoid automation at all costs if you want authentic engagement on your account. Below are some of the ways you can improve your Instagram Engagement.


Make use of all features on offer


New features on Instagram are something you should be expecting based on what we’ve seen over the past couple of years. These features are meant to make the platform a more exciting place and to improve the user’s experience. Even so, you should know that accounts that make use of all available features on Instagram are favored by Instagram Algorithm. Therefore, experiment with these features every time they come out to improve your performance.


Post Scheduling


Engagement on Instagram is two-way traffic. If you want to improve the interaction on your account, you need to create time to engage with other users on their accounts too. However, owing to the demanding nature of today’s life, most people tend to have limited time to spend on Instagram. Luckily, you can help yourself by scheduling posts so that your account remains active even if you are busy elsewhere.

Post scheduling also frees more time to create Instagram stories and generate new content. However, you will need to log in into your account once you have time to reply to comments and get involved in the conversations your post might initiate.


Adjust your posting


Knowing the best time for you to post can help to boost your engagement on Instagram. As such, find out when most of your followers are active as that is the best time to trigger conversations or discussions. Additionally, this improves the visibility of your post since most of the people are active. If you post at odd hours, for example, at night when most people are asleep, your post will not be seen by as many people compared to when most of them are online.