How to Power Up Your Current Instagram Marketing Strategy

Good news if you’re on Instagram. Because of the social media network’s massive global reach of billions, you get to promote your product to a wide audience.

Then again, you can promote your product all you want. But can you capture the interest of an audience?

Instagram can work wonders for your brand. But it can’t do everything for you.

To power up your marketing strategy, this is what you should do.

Step 1. Establish a Presence

First off is to inform the people on Instagram that you have an Instagram account. You can do that in many different ways including:

    • Following your friends on Facebook and other social media networks. You can do this automatically by linking your social media networking account, which will allow your phone to collect information about your contacts.
    • Follow your target audience. You can use the search function or access specific hashtags.

By establishing a presence, you’re also increasing brand awareness.

Step 2. Use Hacks

Then use Instagram hacks. They can increase your profile’s attractiveness, modify your profile’s search-engine friendliness, and drive the right kind of traffic.

You may head to Income Artist for a list of Instagram hacks. There, you’ll also find a discussion on suggested hacks such as creating a location, connecting to Pinterest, and embedding your posts to a website.

Step 3. Post Quality Content

Next up is to post quality content. If you failed to do so in the past, you can go back to particular posts and use your editing prowess.

Posting quality content is important because it gives value to your account. If merely editing your previous posts won’t rectify your Instagram account’s issue on quality, then it might be best if you delete your low-quality posts.

Step 4. Be Consistent

And lastly, be consistent with the quality of your content, comments, likes, followers, and basically everything about your Instagram account. You should maintain a certain standard and discourage yourself from making any activity that isn’t up to par.

You should also be consistent in your statements. If you once announced you believe in something, make sure to own up to it.

Fickle-mindedness can hurt your strategy. The inability to have a solid ground is a turn-off.

Because the goal is to improve your Instagram marketing strategy, don’t give in to inconsistency. It drives people — who are your brand’s potential investors — away.


Powering up your marketing strategy on Instagram is easy. But it’s hardly an effortless task. So long as you put in the necessary effort, you can definitely boost your game.