How to Spray Paint Your Car

Spray-painting a car is fun and takes little time; only if you have the right tools and supplies. Spraying the bumper is easier because it forms a small part of the whole car. Bumper spraying is necessary when you need to change the colour of the bumper, or when it damages.


If you purchase a new bumper and fit it only to find that it does not match the colour of the rest of the vehicle, spray painting might do the trick.


Just the way you paint the car itself, it is vital that you prepare the bumper surface. This step is necessary whether you are spraying the front or back bumper. During preparation, you also need to determine what kind of paint you need for the task, as well as the kind of paint sprayer, which you can get from Paint Smoothly.


The bumper needs to be clean, and you can use strong solvent or soapy water.


The Setup


After cleaning the bumper and collecting all the tools and supply that you need, the next step is to set up the bumper for painting. You need to get the bumper to a well-ventilated area that is free from dust and debris. Suspend the bumper using a coat hanger, and make sure you have all the tools and supplies within reach.


Painting the Bumper


You need to mix the paint in the ratio that is indicated on the user manual. Remember it is better to use a thinner consistency and paint several layers rather than use thick layers and use a few coats. Using more layers makes the paint stick better, and brings out a better look.


Holding the paint sprayer about seven – twelve inches away from the surface of the bumper, perform long strokes along the entire surface of the bumper. Make sure you perform even strokes the whole length.


Wait for the coat to dry before repeating the procedure. The more the layers of paint, the better the results.


Leave it to dry and either add a few layers or count the task done.


The whole process might take between two to five days depending on the amount of time you leave the paint to dry.


If you notice globs of paint, it shows that you are far too close, or that you are moving the hands too slowly to allow paint to collect on the surface.


Final Words


Make sure you have the right tools to make things easy for you when painting your car.