How to Use Electric Blankets Safely

Most people use an electric blanket during the wintertime to keep themselves warm at night, and after years of using a hot water bottle, I have to agree, electric blankets are wonderful, but they have the potential to be extremely dangerous. Every year thousands of people around the world are injured by faulty blankets due to improper use or simple wear and tear.

Despite these issues, electric blankets from Warm Electric can be safely used as long as you follow the following precautions.

Ensure that the Controller is Working Correctly

It is important to ensure that when the controller is turned off the blanket is off as well. Likewise, when the controller is set to a specified temperature, the electric blanket is at the same temperature. Blankets that are not properly synchronized with their controller can result in large electricity bills at best and injuries to people in worst.

Inspect the Wiring

In particular, look for places or instances where the wiring does not lie flat, or there are areas of rigid or even exposed wires. If there are any exposed wires whatsoever, then the blanket is faulty and should not be used.

Look for Burn Marks

Pay particular attention to any burn or scorch marks on the blanket. Not every spark will result in a major fire if there are any burn marks whatsoever then consider whoever was using the blanket to be extremely lucky. This blanket is a danger and should be discarded immediately to prevent any injuries from occurring.

Most modern electric blankets allow you to the remove the actual controls so that you can wash the main part of the blanket in a washing machine. Some major manufacturers offer unique functionality to differentiate and therefore sell their product. As an example, the manufacturer sunbeam has developed what they call “Sleep perfect” technology which senses and adjusts the blanket to changes in your body or room temperature thus ensuring total comfort.

As a final piece of information, only purchase trustworthy brand names from major manufacturers such as Sunbeam or Hammacher Schlemmer and also only purchase from reputable dealers.

The Bottom-line

When choosing your next electric blanket do your research carefully, and you will be enjoying a good night’s sleep safe in the knowledge that your electric blanket will provide you with many more warm nights of sleep on cold nights to come.