Noting The Benefits Of Rabbit Wine Opener

Every person needs to utilise a bottle opener which can be easily operated within seconds. Rabbit wine opener is one such lever which has been useful to open all kinds of bottle’s tightly fixed caps within fraction of minutes. The tool has a series of lever which make it possible to push the cork of the bottle easily.

How it is built?

The openers got its name because of the shape of its two grips resembling rabbit ears. The best part about the opener is that you don’t have to twist it while opening the cork or sealed cap of the bottle. It has multiple kinds of levers aiding in taking off the cork easily. A terrific idea is that you can create your own wine bottle openers.

The right ways to use the opener:

  • Firstly, cut the foil seal and take off the wax sealing surrounding the cap of the bottle.
  • Then, by pulling down the single handle of the rabbit wine bottle opener lift its corkscrew.
  • The best way to open the cork is to fix the wine opener in such a way that the gripping handles of the opener is placed on the either side of the top of the bottle while the corkscrew is centred on the cork.
  • The grips should be held by one hand, while use the other hand of yours to pull the corkscrew handle back to insert the corkscrew in the cork without any operating issues.
  • Then finally move the corkscrew handle in front resulting in loosening the cork from the wine bottle. The wine opener can be easily freed by opening the gripped handles of the tool.

There are hundreds of corkscrew openers in the market hence while buying the best usable one among them browse through informative links will be a terrific idea. As every opener as its own pros and cons, best to buy the one having rated highly by its users like the rabbit wine openers. Make sure that you have a perfect wine bottle opener before you plan to open well flavoured wine bottle for an enjoyable drink.