The Importance of Using a Good Local Builder in Barnet, North London

As you’re planning to build a new home in North London’s borough of Barnet, make sure you choose a good builder. The importance of choosing a good local builder is a money and time-saving decision. From the first moments to the final processes of home-building, your chosen builder is expected to overlook the job – and see if it’s done accordingly.

Builders in Barnet recommendations, you ask?

For starters, pay a visit to your local builders and evaluate each of their potentials. Here are some criteria to help you.

1 – Quality

This should always be part of the picture. Since you’re going to build a new home, it should be a desirable place according to you – not according to the builder or to the standards of some magazine. If you already know what you want in a home, you should pursue that plan. You should not live in a house where you don’t entirely approve of the design.

So, check whether the builder can produce quality work for you. If it’s the quality of work that you want for your home, go with that builder. Otherwise, don’t settle for less. There are good local builders in Barnet, and at least one of them can meet (and even exceed) your standards.

To get the ball rolling, request professional portfolios and personal works. You may also ask the builder to elaborate their quality of work to you.

2 -Transparency

Next, discuss rates with the builder. Find out their rates and ask them point-blank about any hidden charges.

Can you afford their products and services for the entire project? If not, can you negotiate with them properly? Building a new home typically costs a lot of money; make sure that you know this – and make sure that the builder does so, too.

Furthermore, the builder should be transparent with you regarding work-related concerns. They should answer all your questions because doing so gives you confidence in their services.

Apart from rates, ask questions that let them discuss these important topics:


    • Building philosophy


    • Building materials and equipment


    • Relationship with previous clients


    • Stories of successes and failure


From the start, they should be straightforward when giving you a comprehensive estimate of the project’s total and additional costs. They should communicate effectively to you and in turn, you should also communicate effectively with them.

Think that their rates are too high? Think that the project should be finished more quickly? You should feel free to point that out to them.

They should also show initiative and be transparent about it. While this doesn’t mean that they should overstep their bounds, having initiative suggests forward-thinking and reliability. They should be ready to give you a timeline – including proposed costs – for your home.

3 – Competency & Qualification

Then, gauge the builder’s competency and qualification. Simply labeling himself as a builder does not make him cut out for the job.

So, perform a quick background check on the builder via the internet. From their online reputation, find out if he is a member of a reputable organization. While it’s not mandatory for the builder to be a member of reputable organizations for builders, knowing this about the builder offers a vote of confidence for you. A badge that says he’s competent and qualified is part of your checklist.

Here are the other items on that list:


    • Registered as a qualified builder


    • Passed health and safety training


    • Owns a public liability insurance certification


Before you officialize the hiring, however, consult with them personally. Meeting the builder in person than merely interacting with them online can help you make better judgment calls.

Grant them the opportunity to fill you in on their competency and qualifications. Usually, local builders are honest people. If they are indeed competent and qualified, they’ll let you know. If they are not, they will give you the same courtesy.

Final Thoughts

While you may be excited to start building your new home in Barnet, don’t rush the process of choosing a local builder. Narrow down your potential choices to the perfect one. Choose a local builder wisely – one who will readily help you with your home from start to finish. Especially if you plan to live in your new home for decades, a good builder will make it happen.