The Truth About Dog Crates

There is every reason to get a crate for your dog. In fact, it is beneficial to you and your pet. Never mind the cage-like appearance; crates are perfect for dog training. Here’s a look at some benefits of investing in a crate for your furry friend.

It Serves As a Calm Retreat for Your Dog

When your canine gets used to the crate, it becomes part of his life. If you place it in your living room and ensure that the door is always open, it will provide a soothing place when he needs to retreat. Think of it as a comfortable place for your pooch to rest when he is tired, afraid or stressed – a safe haven of sorts.

It Comes in Handy During Sickness or Injury

Even with the best care, you can’t rule out that your animal may get injured or sick. A crate provides a comfortable resting place to recover. You see, when your pet gets ill, the crate offers a confined area where he can enjoy some peace of mind. Besides, crating a dog under medication prevents the animal from moving around unsupervised.

A Crate is Useful During Travels

Not every dog is comfortable traveling in moving vehicles. Besides, it is dangerous to have your canine friend walking around in your car as you drive. A crate ensures that the animal remains calm and relaxed while driving. In essence, this means that it provides a safe way to move your canine from point A to be B. Other than that, crates come in handy when traveling by air.

It Helps in Behavior Modification

You can use a crate to restrain an overly hyper dog. You have to do it tactfully though. Don’t use it as a punishment technique. Instead, use it for rewards and treats. And, when the animal gets inside, calm your pet and make him stay there for a little while. Behavior modification works well for young, restless puppies that are always moving around.

…Even then be sure to choose the right crate


The size of the crate matters especially if you own a big dog. So, check the dimensions of the crate you plan to buy to ensure that it can accommodate your pet comfortably. Speaking of size, visit SelectedBest to view a wide selection the best crates for extra large dogs. That way, you can’t go wrong with the sizing.