Tips to Make Your Lawn Mower Last More than the Intended Lifetime

A ride on mower is similar to a vehicle, and the mower can serve you well if you offer regular service and care. The mower is not so cheap, which is just vital that you make sure you maintain it properly.

Neglect causes the various parts to wear out, and this leads to poor performance. With regular maintenance, the mower you get from Lawn Mower Lane can last from 6 to 10 years. Let us look at the various ways that you can extend the life of the mower.

Old Fuel is a No-No

One of the biggest mistakes that owners make is to leave the fuelling tank for long periods of time. Remember that fuel is made of various chemicals, and when left standing for long, the chemicals disintegrate. When this happens, the fuel can gum up the carburettor and destabilize it, making the engine to stop working. Once this happens, the only way to fix it is to rebuild or replace the carburettor.

Filters Need to Be Cleaned

Your mower pushes thousands of gallons of air through its engine for every gallon of gas that is burned. The air comes with various particles that can cause the air filter to clog. If the filter clogs, it can easily disturb the air-fuel mix, which in turn affects the rate of burning of fuel. The engine ends up burning more fuel but working less efficiently. Make sure you replace the filter every spring to maintain the perfect balance between the fuel and air.

An Oil Change is Necessary

Each mower comes with a guide on how often to change the oil. Some manufacturers advise that you do this every 6 hours. The need for an oil change is all about getting rid of any debris that has been left over, and that can lead to clogging of the engine. After the initial change, you need to replace the oil every year, so that the moving parts don’t get the brunt of the carbon sludge.

Keep the Blades Sharp

Make sure you keep the blades sharp at all times so that you get a clean cut every time you mow the lawn. A sharp blade also reduces the amount of work the mower can do so that you spend less on fuel and repairs. Keep an eye on the blades so that you change them when they become dull or when they start to wear out.

Final Tip: Know When to Let Go

Taking care of the mower certainly makes it serve you well. But a certain point in time requires that you replace the whole unit.