Top Mistakes when Using a Pressure Washer

So you have finally got the pressure washer that you have been dreaming about. It is now time to make your home look clean and appealing. If you didn’t know, using the pressure washer to clean the home can push the value of the property by almost 25 percent.

Using this equipment might seem simple, but a considerable number of homeowners don’t have the knowledge and experience to remove the dirt, debris, mildew, mold and filth from the homes safely and effectively.

Today we look at some of the mistakes that many homeowners make when washing their houses.

Using Too Little or Too Much Pressure

When buying a pressure washer from Wash Wisely, you need to focus on how much pounds per square inch (PSI) of water pressure the equipment can put out. A common mistake that users make is to set a high or low-pressure level.

You need to set the pressure level depending on the task at hand. If the task is light, then set the pressure level to moderate. If you set it too high for a small task, you end up wasting a lot of energy, water and time. Using too much pressure can also damage areas of your home. For instance, you might end up loosening the shingles and damaging your vinyl siding.

Low water pressure might not be able to remove the stubborn debris from the exterior of the home and the surfaces.

Using Just Water

Using strong water pressure can help you clean various surfaces, but using just water alone doesn’t do the task the right way. If you have mold, algae or mildew growing on your property, you need a more involved cleaning.

You need to incorporate a solution to kill the growth. If you use just water alone, the algae might spread. Over time, the growth can affect the look of the home, and increase the risk of health hazard and water leaks.

Try and incorporate the right kind of antiviral or antibacterial cleaning agents into the water to remove the growth, or prevent it even from starting.

Conclusion: Avoid Water Damage in the Home

Using high pressure in some parts of the home can cause water damage, which can result in losses. For instance, using a high level of pressure on the windows and doors can damage the window frames, loosening them in the process. The force of the pressure might make the water to seem into crevices and cracks, leading to wood rot.