Understanding the Double Kitchen Sink

The double kitchen sink is made of two adjacent sinks that are installed in the same place. Think of this as being given two spaces to wash your dishes – fun, right? The sink is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when remodelling your kitchen. You would most likely want to consider the kind of sink you wish to install, and though it might seem like an easy decision to make, you have various options to select from.


You have to decide on the size, the materials, and other aspects. However, the ultimate decision lies on whether you want a single or double bowl for your kitchen.


The Pros of Double Kitchen Sinks


These sinks come with various advantages over their single counterparts. For one, a double sink makes it easy for you to soak items, rinse then dry them off. This is ideal for items that are not ideal for the dishwasher. You can place soapy water in one bowl and clean water for rinsing in another, making it easy to complete the washing cycle.


If you are a household with more than one cook in the kitchen or with members that love to try out new things, then this combination is what you need. You can easily collect the dirty dishes and clean everything in one go, especially if you don’t have a dishwasher in the home.


The double sink also helps you reduce the clutter. If you have just hosted a party and you do not know where to dump the utensils, the two sinks are a welcome place to do this.


Additionally, the kitchen is usually the first place a buyer looks at when they come to buy the home. All the other homes they go to might have a single sink, but if you have a double sink, you stay ahead of the pack. However, make sure the sink is properly installed and is accessible.


Making the Perfect Choice


To make sure you enjoy the right installation, make sure you choose the perfect sink for the layout. Understand the amount of space available and what options you have before you visit a reliable provider such as Pimp My Sink. Additionally, you need to know whether the existing plumbing installations will suit the needs of the sink.

Completing the Installation


If you had a single sink before, you need to call a plumber to come and install a new plumbing system for the two sinks.