User-Centric: 4 Traits of Website Visitors

User-centric website designs are much more common nowadays since it is the users who click and utilize websites. And if users cannot benefit from your features, then these may as well not exist. Thus, you need to examine the mentality of visitors and put yourself in their place to improve your website.

Users Dislike Reading Instructions

You may have a clear guideline for navigating and utilizing your website, but your visitors dislike reading instructions. Thanks to your lengthy tutorial, users often leave without testing out the functions of your site. Thus, you need to make your site more intuitive, such that visitors can easily navigate with just images or logos, and less text. If you need an example of this, you may check to learn how to make an intuitive site or even ask them to make one for you.

Users Want Credibility and Quality

Visual attractiveness alone will not suffice to increase your site’s traffic. Your website requires high-quality content, to gain the trust of users. After all, what you want is loyal, long-term visitors, and not a transient increase in traffic.

Users Will Only Scan Websites

You just recently added five paragraphs into your page, now your users must enjoy reading the content, right? Uh, that is not how it will work, in fact, if you fail to space those five paragraphs, then your visitors will leave at first glance. You must put them in different parts of the page and in a non-linear manner since they scan content, not read them. Furthermore, you must add anchor texts and bolded words to help them navigate your site efficiently in the direction you want.

Users Hate Lack of Control and Pop-ups

No one wants to enter a site that shows various ads and pop-ups during the first five seconds, particularly when users do not expect it. Avoid spamming these while your user is navigating, so that you do not look like you are desperate for traffic. And when you wish to add pop-ups, ensure they are predictable and will not hinder site navigation or even better, let your visitors decide whether they want to view ads or not.


Users being impatient is not an understatement, since they often have high expectations that your website will meet their needs. If not, they assume that the designer is incompetent and will look for a different site to utilize. Hence, you need to create a high-quality, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate website to increase your traffic.