Waffles Can Be Made On Your Stove Or While Camping

Waffles are a treat that many love to have on a Saturday or Sunday morning for breakfast or brunch. It is one of the simplest foods around that is made quite enjoyable because of all the different toppings that can be added to spruce it up. It is like the cake of the breakfast world, where one can add butter, syrup, fruit, whipped cream, and much more, including frosting if they really wanted to. It is a real winner.

While many choose to use the newfangled waffle maker to make their tasty breakfast treat, there are plenty who choose to go old-school with the way they prepare their waffles. They don’t want to use a machine that is preparing the food for them. Instead they want to be able to make waffles like they were meant to be made, especially when they are away from home and in the woods.

Stove top waffle makers put you in the driver’s seat

Some are excellent chefs when it comes to making waffles. They don’t need any kind of machine or appliance to aid them in making the perfect waffle. They are able to do it all on their own. There are many brands of stove top waffle maker that work perfectly well.

The best stove top waffle iron is normally made with two long handles to clasp close to seal in the batter while you are holding the waffle maker over the heat source. The waffle making portion of the device is usually made of cast iron or coated aluminum to make sure that the batter does not stick. Cast iron gives the most thorough conductivity, making for an evenly distributed amount of heat.

Perfect for when you are roughing it

In the woods it is not possible to bring a waffle iron with you, that is unless your version of roughing it involves a bed ’n’ breakfast. You may still want waffles, especially considering they are easy to make and the ingredients you need to carry with you are small and insignificant in terms of weight. This makes the waffle the ideal breakfast food, especially considering they are full of carbs, which you may need if you plan on doing a lot of hiking.

These stove top waffle makers are perfect for holding over an open flame to all the batter to cook. Many simply drop the waffle maker in the flame for a minute or so and let the heat dance around the appliance as it cooks. The waffle maker can handle the direct heat so no worries there.

While there is no shame in wanting an electric waffle maker, some really get into the chef part of making this on their own. They would not have it any other way.