Why Tiny Homes?

Energy costs are running through the roof. Taxes have taken another gear and are running rampant. People have finally decided that enough is enough. So, how can you stop this runaway train that the previously-loved housing has turned into? The answer lies in a trend that has turned viral – tiny homes.

A quick search for “tiny homes” on the internet gives you millions of results, telling you that this strategy is already catching on. Many people that used to live in mansions now find it more comfortable living in a tiny home that measures less than 200 feet. Imagine a home that costs you less than $5000. These homes are popping up all over the world for many reasons. Here they are:

Stop the Spiraling Energy Costs in Their Tracks

Gas, water and electric bills have been increasing on daily basis over the past few years. Some attribute this to the dwindling supplies of resources that power many of these facilities. No matter the reason, you cannot overlook the fact that these bills are nagging and need to be stopped.

Now imagine running an entire house on just a pair of solar panels. When the sun is low, you can use wind to power the home. This is entirely possible with these tiny homes. The heat and cooling requirements of such a home is minimal.

Say Goodbye to Property Tax

The taxman is always after you regardless of where you live. The bigger the home, the more taxes you pay. Imagine how much you pay if you downsize on the house. That’s right – your tiny home can fit in any small lot and doesn’t attract the ire of the taxman. A lower cost has been linked to the savings you make.

Stay Clutter Free

Have you ever taken time and looked at your room and felt the headache coming on due to the congestion of the house. Having extra space encourages you to buy items and store them within the home. This is not the case with tiny homes. You have to use each inch of space well or you end up letting go of some items. These homes make advantage of a minimalist design to reduce the clutter.

Final Words

Tiny homes are the rave today, all for the right reasons. You get to avoid the hefty energy bills that come with owning a larger home. It is not only this, you also say bye to visits and calls from the taxman.